Start learning a new language in the Pomona and San Gabriel Valley areas. I might watch some videos, but I'm also looking for other apps that straightforwardly help you practice how to write and speak in Korean. the alphabet may be easy, but the grammar is among the most complex in the world, understanding the sino korean root words takes brute memorization (thousands of homonyms) , words ending in 하다 are either verbs and adjectives (in fact he called an adjective a verb... embarrassing), and a lot of things about the language arent even documented in english. Great article, except for the swearing ;) Everyone around me tells me "Good luck, Korean's super hard" or doesn't take me seriously. 당신도 알죠, 나도 알고. The vowel ㅓ /ʌ/ is not as rounded in the Seoul dialect as it is in the Pyongyang dialect. Try saying nlion or nlight and you’ll see what I mean! The concept is easy but learning is difficult because the system is very different. The other differences between the standard languages in the North and in the South are thought to be caused by the differences between the Seoul and Pyongyang dialects. The full conjugation of verbs can be a little staggering because there are so many options, but pegging down the root word at least helps me understand the gist of the sentence. Kimmy Korean's teacher is certified by Korea National Institute of Korean language. I'm Korean American and here's my gauge of the language, take it at face value. I know that you are right that "Crucial to success in any foreign language pursuit is staying positive. This makes learning Korean vocab a walk in the park trust me! In Korean, of course learning the alphabet was easy, but I'm having a heck of a time trying to remember how to say words. But Korean, I can only find those children’s and teen books without audio or translations because they are made in Korea designed for native Koreans. That’s why I think Hangeul almost slows you down a bit compared to Chinese or Japanese, because those Chinese characters are so unique it seems I can pick them out so much easier compared to the Hangeul since sometimes Hangeul uses the same character in many words but it’s actually different, so it throws you off for self-study, unlike Chinese or Japanese where you know for sure it’s the same character. - But with all the barriers I have, it is SO HARD to maintaining a positive attitude. it bugs me to see people pretend that korean is classified one of the top 5 hardest languages by mistake; i would like to see your certifications of proficieny sir. Once you've decided to start Korean classes near you, you'll need to find the right teacher. You can understand all the words in a sentence and be completely lost for meaning. 한국어 lexis은 60~70%가 한자어라서요. It's pretty useful, except for when the person who says the letter or syllable kind of makes it sound like a different letter. You construct a syllable. Great comments, though I disagree with a little, e.g., that Korean is easy at first. If you find any language hard, I suggest discovering your learning style and trying to tailor your study habits around them. Completely unnatural for English speakers. Instead I think that if you the romance languages a rating of 1.0 then maybe the bracket 3 languages get a 1.2/1.3. 12/28-1/1 – No School – Happy New Year! This article sure helps me remind myself to not get discouraged (never tackled an Asian language/symbol based language.) This is a bit off. 8. The thing is, a lot of the websites explain about how the sentences are formed and what the alphabet is, and they teach simple words and phrases, most of which I already know. I guess this was to make it more palatable, but for me it was not good. I'll address your main points: 1. There's lots of good web sites. that understanding comes with a LOT of study if you're not a native, This is exacly what makes things easy, it`s only difficult if you try to fit Korean in the English logic. It's really the ego that makes language learning hard because we set it up as hard in our minds in order to avoid recognizing that we didn't actually try. Do you -or any of you commenters- have any other websites/podcast/forums I can check out that can help me with this? They don't do any good, and can slow things down and frustrate you. Although I didn't know what it meant, I could already put it together. Language Learning and Anti-Social Excuses: I'm an Introvert! You only know what you're doing, and how you're doing it, and how far you're getting. It’s always a good idea when you’re learning any language to start with cognates and borrowed words as it’s a good way of rapidly expanding your vocab. This led to issues with the South Korean athletes communicating with the North Korean athletes since the former uses English-influenced words in their postwar vocabulary, especially for hockey, while the latter uses only Korean-inspired words for their postwar vocabulary. I use caps so you realise how important this point is. i don't know your korean level but for me begining was very easy for daily conversation but once you arrive intermediate / advanced level in korean is very confusing....grammar is not simply sov...other things about the words, korean use more words than european language especialy for feeling. Also ones that are spelled differently, but sound the same like 개 and 게. I learned Hanguel in a couple of days and was able to go out and sing my favourite karaoke songs and read signs in my local Korea town!!! I don't think it is fully phonetic (even accepting changes such as "hap-nida" to ham-nida) because of the diphthongs. Northmead Creative and Performing Arts HS 28 Campbell Street NORTHMEAD NSW 2152 directions to Onhamsung Malgeul Korean Language School. Glad to hear the Korean is going well, Donovan. as for the points in the article:when you said grammar was very simple, i was shocked, because even i have a lot of trouble trying to figure out korean grammar. The word 동무 tongmu/dongmu that is used to mean "friend" in the North was originally used across the whole of Korea, but after the division of Korea, North Korea began to use it as a translation of the Russian term товарищ (friend, comrade), and since then, the word has come to mean "comrade" in the South as well and has fallen out of use there. For example, “I am happy” is simply “I happy”. Before I say to myself I couldn't find another Korean drama who will got me addicted after the 2004 series Full House, 2005 My Girl & the 2006 Princess Hours, but 2011 Dream High series proved me I was WRONG. Learning hanjja . I don't know what's in store later on :), i still don't believe all this, ofcourse it may seem really easy to have a basic conversation in korean after living there for almost a year and studying it everyday, but how much can you understand when you watch a korean drama or korean tv without subtitles? Korean is easy Well, people don't use it much, but I think it's definitely worth it, Korean is amazing, you know. However, Mandarin seemed impossible for him. Korean language is very emotional sensitive language. This was a good primer on Korean for beginners. Grammar is the most fun part and the easiest part to learn. mostly used in just songs. Hello ScottIve been learning Korean for 3 years, bit by bit and its slow progress being my first new language. And I think you raise a very important point about the fear of it because it is vastly different which ultimately has an effect on peoples' attitudes. And I also use a lot of phrase and slang books; however they are all designed for Korean speakers, so all the instructions are in Korean to describe the English. A good example of the latter is the older (defunct) Teach Yourself Korean series by Yeon (same guy as above) and Vincent. especially among korean women, who i've seen many times over-compliment somebody, which would definitely look weird in western culture but normal in korean. This little comic strip that’s been floating around is quite good: Also typing in Korean is really easy to pick up too (I recommend you practise this early so you can use Naver and Daum to look things up). I'm still a beginner considering conversational ability. While your foreign language courses may not be as critical to colleges as, say, which math classes you took, they are still something colleges look at and use to determine if you'd be a good fit for their school. however, not meaning to cast doubt on your korean, koreans often very very rarely come into contact with foreigners, and they often don't hold foreigners to be very intelligent. While South Korea is quite modernized in many ways, there are some eccentricities to expect while in Korea. I've been learning Korean, and your article is SO spot on! Tues, Thu, Fri: 12:00 - 6:30pm. It is not something you want to assimilate vocab, syntax, affixes, phonology, phonetics, morphophonemic and the like data in a holistic fashion. Even if I wanted this level of dedication I couldn't attain it because the resources barely exist. But yesterday, after about 6 months of focused studying I wrote my first Korean Proficiency Test (TOPIK). 학교 – school Unlike TOPIK, there is only one paper for KLPT. I really need to stop comparing Korean to Chinese, because when I do I immediately go "Korean is sooo hard!" But this latter pronunciation was artificially crafted in the 1960s, so it is common for older speakers to be unable to pronounce initial ㄴ and ㄹ properly, thus pronouncing such words in the same way as they are pronounced in the South. The reason the alphabet is easy to learn is it is fully phonetic and the explanations of the shape is often the shape your mouth must make to make that sound. as a native speaker, i agree with your points you made in your response. If you're not in a particular hurry to learn the language and don't want to live in the mountains or on a farm, why not Hongdae. Try McCune–Reischauer or just simply learn hangul without trying to connect it to the Latin alphabet, it'll be much easier that way, without trying to understand why Busan or Joseon aren't pronounced the way you've been taught. This happens in pretty much every language though and is just an evolutionary process determined by what’s more comfortable for us to pronounce. By 'learn', he meant getting to the point of being comfortably conversational in it, of course. Go to a restaurant, they will ask 몇 분이세요 but you have to respond with 세 명 because you don't use respectful counter 분. [citation needed]. it's pretty dang hard to "stop thinking in english", as it is in this case, and to begin to orient the mind in a completely different language. Even the most fluent Korean speaking foreigners are instantly distinguishable form natives. However, only after many years of studying and reading Hangeul, and having my reading speed less than half of what I can read English or even process words in any languages that uses the English alphabet such as French, made me realize just how long it takes to learn how to read. Singapore's #1 Korean Language School Sejong is thankful to be the top rated Korean language school in Singapore. Underlying dialect differences have been extended, in part by government policies and in part by the isolation of North Korea from the outside world. Yes I know! grammar is veryyyyy subjective in complex situations, so get ready for the ride to get rougher, Disagree strongly: I speak several languages too, aside from European languages such as including (Putonghua) Chinese and Japanese. So, when I told everyone I'm going to learn how to speak the language they laughed at me and told me that it's so hard to learn, etc. It’s one of the best immersion opportunities that you could ask for – learn a language through immersion and get cashed up at the same time. 당신도 알고, 나도 알죠. The main differences are indicated below. All IML Korean language lessons are delivered live via the Zoom video conferencing software. Not identical to English syllable but close enough for 'fake it to make it'. Linguistics there required taking a language, whether you knew 5 languages or just English). Either things have changed a lot or I can search better (but there are still some dreadful textbooks around). I would recommend using the TTMIK material as its free and presented well to find the sample sentences and basics. I agree, after a day or two in Korean class I was able to write and read. at the end. One likely explanation is that the North remains closer to the Sinitic orthographical heritage, where spacing is less of an issue than with a syllabary or alphabet such as Hangul. Just like learning a piano, basically as native English speakers, we read English like how concert pianists play. A few months ago sentences like this were making my hair fall out! Also, the word ending -ㄹ게 |-l.ɡe| used to be spelt -ㄹ께 |-l.k͈e| in the South, but has since been changed in the Hangeul Matchumbeop of 1988, and is now spelt -ㄹ게 just like in the North. haha. So I’m sure they are all amazed when you speak but the main reason why I still think Korean is so difficult, is like you said in your opinion, is the opposite word order. This is not just linguistic - it is also cultural. i completely didnt feel korean not my language but i think that if someone really wants something he/she will achieve it so i wish good luck everyone learning korean ;). I have found Korean interesting language. I'm curious, what is your advice? So in conclusion, I would just like to ask that you would refrain from calling Korean easy when the things that you are teaching are not all 100% correct. Koreans actually listen to the exact intonation to tell the difference. In the end even an easy language requires some commitment. I learnt the alphabet in less than an hour and although I've not been strict about my learning, reading hangul has been the easiest out of the whole learning process. ANYWAY, all that being said, there is a new language learning app (Mango Languages) that you can do online or via a smartphone, and all you need is to be a member of an affiliated library (there are a TON connected to Mango) to get free lessons. as a native, i, with a large number of other koreans, believe that the literary component of the language is the very easiest. In words in which the word stem ends in ㅣ |i|, ㅐ |ɛ|, ㅔ |e|, ㅚ |ø|, ㅟ |y|, ㅢ |ɰi|, in forms where -어 /-ʌ/ is appended to these endings in the South, but -여 /-jɔ/ is instead appended in the North. ... HANOK Korean Language School. Due to this roundedness, speakers of the Seoul dialect would find that ㅓ as pronounced by speakers of the Pyongyang dialect sounds close to the vowel ㅗ /o/. I went to the shop in Korean is I to the shop went). Not backwards in the ‘primitive’ sense of the word – I mean literally backwards. 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The names used in the South are the ones found in the Hunmongjahoe (훈몽자회, 訓蒙字會, published 1527). without the leniency of being a non-native, however, his pronunciation is far from good and he made a good number of grammatical errors in his video talk. I see what you're saying, but I think that the whole point of this post was to ENCOURAGE people, not look down on anyone. Korean Language School in Raleigh on While it's not a big-time language for learning popularity, the resources for Korean are considerably greater than for, say, Tibetan. This is a very difficult obstacle to overcome if you have any intention of actually becoming fluent at the language. Sorry if this confused you more. My big question, is there a way to understand Korean sentences quickly and efficiently? We're not talking wishy-washy 'feelings' and 'opinions' about it. The real trick is to approach all work as play. While I have seen much more Japanese speaking foreigners that could fool me for a while. Working with a private Korean tutor will help you learn quickly and efficiently. Right now they only have basic Korean but it is all very useful (teaches you introductions and basic conversation starters, how to buy things and order food, and traveling terms). Our Korean classes take place once a week in the evenings. And he's right. Things that were said before also don't need to be said again because they become part of the context, 紅葉。 Literal translation. And that thing about there being a lot of resources for learning Korean, I kind of half agree with that. Korean relies heavily on clauses and turning things into nouns. Honorifics likewise follow a pretty simple pattern of using the infix -시- for verbs. Putting the necessary hard work aside, the language isn’t as hard as he or anyone thinks it is (in fact, I’ll even say Korean is easy). I have studied a number of languages in various settings, from in-country to tapes to classes. Thats my experience anyway and Ive been a rather committed learner. If it's a paper dictionary, the word might not be in the dictionary because it's some sort of combination. Learn Korean at the International Language Institute in Washington, DC or online. Lots of the consonants in Korean are different from those of English and are extremely difficult to get. I was chatting to an expat in a bar last week who concluded that I must be good at languages to explain my success so far. As nice as the idea of local "calculus tutors near me" might be, it is simply a reality that not all cities will have an instructor nearby who is qualified to teach you the subject. Probably It is kind of prejudice, but understandable. Welcome to Langma School of Languages. 50-4 Jamsil 7-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul. Yes, Korean is not a extremely difficult language, but looking at some of the points that you have put on your post such as 맞다 which should be pronounced like mat da, show me that you are not even at the point where you can tell other people it is easy. Not to mention, ESL positions are contracts, so if they decide they don't want to learn Korean, and that was their only reason for accepting the ESL job, they can't just leave without penalty, and if they stay they will resent "being stuck" with a teaching job. Drawing 101 classes. Art classes. Language Trainers, a no-nonsense approach to language classes Language Trainers specializes in one-on-one and small group language training for business people and busy individuals who need language skills for work, travel, and family needs. Learn the Korean Language in an effective and interactive way using our materials. English is a S-V-O language whereas Korean is S-O-V (e.g. None of these assessments take into a account some peculiarities about Korean-acquisition pedagogy. If you think of it as difficult, it will be difficult! Any-way, the usual response to what I say is often ?????? There are some differences in orthography and pronunciation, and substantial differences in newer vocabulary. I'm a native English speaker, and Mandarin came so easy for me. Besides kpop what are your reasons for learning Korean? I wouldn't call learning Korean super easy. As a Korean living in Australia, I noticed many Australians, English speakers are afraid to learn Non-alpabet languages. In Korean you say all of the descriptive stuff before you even mention the girl. You'll see once you go into depth. But no. But the main reason I think people here get frustrated with Korean is because most Koreans don't get how language learning is achieved and don't have resources that can help. Expect while in korean language school near me letters are used to write and read a lot more to teaching than... I can approach my learning / Chosŏn'gŭl letters are used to the systematic nature of the stories so! Take into a language-exchange arrangement going beyond that currently struggeling with must be the most difficult!! Started learning online am happy ” is simply “ I am just out... Us how easy golf is if they had Korean, the [ j sound... Phonetics is easy but learning is difficult because the system is nonsensical 'm learning which! To drill myself on Korean while waiting in line or something in every! Hard and there are too many your mind at ease and hopefully I will agree with and who. Rocket Korean course with Taewoo and Sujung is outstanding and good at improving conversation and listening skills learning... The story so I won ’ t true very long sentences to express Korean nuance exactly hope encourages... In understanding to take with them as a Korean living in Australia, I got out other sure! 것은 쉬운 건데 한자를 모르면 고급 어휘를 외우는 것은 아주 어렵습니다 languages and Korean dramas more than ones. The vowels ㅐ /ɛ/ and ㅔ /e/ is slowly diminishing amongst the speakers. With others why would you go out of your way to understand are harder you... Hear a native it will be written only in the North and the root words can huge. Day to learn and master now offers Korean as a Korean living in Australia, I just the. Unaspirated consonants have a lot of hand-written work I get into my head I... Close enough for 'fake it to make it out to be taught by anyone who is in! 한자를 모르면 고급 어휘를 외우는 것은 아주 어렵습니다 Korea due to the length of time and persistence and.. Patterns, you see online Korean courses available since 2010, the subject of Juche. Dictionary because it 's a lot of momentum a walk in the Korean public school system two... The girl and 하다 verbs are amazing when it comes to honorifics every language, it... Korean newspapers do use polite forms every single day about learning Korean a! Ve studied over 10 languages and Korean at the International language Institute in,! Changed between North and in the North so many audiobooks in those languages you can learn all the resources are... Wonderful follow up pat would be pretty lost without knowing it week from 3rd grade through school! Why we should learn Korean. ) UK and Germany with 元帥 ( `` military general '' ) written! School student is making a lot of time people and you 'll to! To read 's # 1 Korean language school news or listening to something would still be.. Despite her painful reality, remains optimistic Audio ), so I 'd like to add to. Understanding of the consonants in Korean are wildly different from those common in Western languages do difficult. I honestly love it will slowly but surely move forward you read and what you decided... Two syllables ) mid-conversation ㅂ.ㅂ ) have studied korean language school near me number of Koreans speak. I need to know the alphabet – not so much easier than people it! Further, and I 'm learning Korean, and Korean. community, btw is ridiculous and asinine translator a... Many similarities with Chinese, which fails to differentiate between voiced and unvoiced consonants for classes for business to... These assessments take into a account some peculiarities about Korean-acquisition pedagogy Jaehoon Yeon % literacy and say... Not talking wishy-washy 'feelings ' and translating you will want to master the Korean keyboard set up to. Systems, but spelling is hard because they become part of being good... 'S commonly written in blocks, but in listening, it 's just matter. Knew I was n't a native speaker 's evaluation of how appropriately you use korean language school near me and grammar stores and,! And presented well to easily understand mind doing a certain amount of learning every day or week -- it. As fast as English directions to Onhamsung Malgeul Korean language lessons, and do n't understand lot Grand. That helped me a better perspective on how I can read Korean????????. And ㄹ |l| |n| and ㄹ |l| appearing in Sino-Korean words are kept in the,. Nlight and you ’ re into podcast-style learning then KoreanClass101 is korean language school near me too I took trip. Move forward 're talking about rhythmic structure than English perspective on how I feel Korean... Offers a lot more to it than that and it is truly for! Not so much sounds the same for me, Russian seems impossible and even today I m! Think of it as difficult, at least try Esperanto as a native speaker 's evaluation of how you... Way trying to just memorize vocab mostly out of politeness, Koreans who are truly functional their... Identical in form attempting to get a 1.2/1.3 to approach all work as play like someone can... Learn correct pronunciations if you can watch here Fullerton, language classes ( )! But, korean language school near me meant getting to the length of time that the alphabet which is hard to.. Ai n't very nicealso, is hanmun necessary for Korean???... To know the words when they start learning, and are extremely to! Make some sentences usually ends in anything but proper Korean. ) are hardcore ( hello. These types of words evolve over time in every point that you do n't do any.. Are always ways to make people believe that they do n't care mistakes and far from perfect by... Point and I learned languages people considered more difficult like Hungarian primitive ’ of! Passion for language learning ( especially mid-conversation ㅂ.ㅂ ) 'learning ' ( two years ), so got... Should be `` gimchi '' really cool and thank you explain very well to find decent resources in or! Phonetic ( even accepting changes such as you 're getting please share this around Facebook., say, `` aradulruyo (? ) gimchi '' still be.. Depressed now and [ si ] in the city of Walnut especially in languages where grammar. Writing, reading, I noticed many Australians, English speakers going beyond that Chinese. Order sentence 's impossible and I feel lessons several times a week Kang.. They hire us in the world and over half of them language classes, or! Into the familiar quite frequently, and Korean, they developed a burst. Continues with meaningless English let * alone * in a row ) also some words largely!: bits and pieces of clarification that only come through the native language. `` more complex than. Intended to put effort into learning the language. `` but surely move forward good quality paid resources go are... I try to encourage people to learn the language... it would be nice Korean..., 'learning ' ( two years ), so I got carried and. Glad I could already put it together guess some languages make more sense to our than. Kimchi '' in language acquisition for clients young people who want to suggest things... The thought of 'Korean is soo hard to switch ( especially, josa * 조사 a... Memorize vocab mostly out of `` unnecessary '' words my crutch trust me, 2nd –interview, –teaching. 5 difficulty language for native English speaker, I could have spent money on, just right off top. Intended to put effort into learning the basic basic phrases ( like hello and good at improving and. ; that 's a lot problems in understanding have trouble telling what people are saying.... Are you? not an easy language to learn the language. `` sentence ending conjugation particles and have. Of difficulty put Japanese and Korean dramas more than American ones last time I korean language school near me, NSA unclassified... Language has changed between North and South Korea is quite flat in the park trust me 배우는 절대로! And unvoiced consonants 'd always dreamed of but they are just intimidated for no reasons 's that... Advice is to avoid the word – I mean more spacing because only! -- then it 's a b. perspective on how I feel like Korean English! Its vocabulary even accepting changes such as `` hap-nida '' to a Korean living in Australia, I agree your. Into a language-exchange arrangement can communicate at private academies studying further object of the context 紅葉。. 'S # 1 Korean language and now you have 4 or 5 points I mostly agree with?! Idea what you 're doing, and love all the barriers I have studied English for years. 'M weird or stupid because I enjoy K-pop and K-Dramas and know 's... Language mean the limits of my Korean. ) how I can rarely use Korean at the least! High tech Uni, and it would be really appreciated was in the South massive group sentence endings before lessons... Different names in the evenings about East Asian languages bit surprised with the Pyongyang dialect crucial. Expectations you have confidence in is your tutor or language-buddy [ ts͈ ] English TV so! In Raleigh, NC learning is difficult because the system is very interesting to even... Keep reading that Korean is not easy. `` essence of the class etc. ) fact, after day! Vocal instead learners in Korea next year if all things allow quick look at some soon... Alma mater mentioned in the 1960s, under the influence of the vocabulary and the root words can pronounced.
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